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Modifying the HardwareAsset & Microsoft.WIndows.Computer Js files to pull in more data

Zackary_SlatesZackary_Slates Customer IT Monkey ✭
Hi all,
Going through AM implementation and I found Operating System Install Date in the DB. I then put in the following to have it show up on the Microsoft.Windows.Computer.js file to get it to show (and was successful):

{ DataType: "String", PropertyDisplayName: "InstallDate", PropertyName: "OperatingSystem.InstallDate", MinLength: 0, MaxLength: 200 }

I then went to the HardwareAsset.js file to replicate the work to pull in this in under Misc and was not successful.  I  tried several things. 
{ DataType: "String", PropertyDisplayName: "OperatingSystemVersionDisplayName", PropertyName: "Target_HardwareAssetHasAssociatedCI.OperatingSystem.DisplayName", Disabled: true },  (no results)
{ DataType: "String", PropertyDisplayName: "OperatingSystemVersionDisplayName", PropertyName: "Target_HardwareAssetHasAssociatedCI.DisplayName", Disabled: true },  (pulls computer name)
{ DataType: "String", PropertyDisplayName: "OperatingSystemVersionDisplayName", PropertyName: "Target_HardwareAssetHasAssociatedCI.OperatingSystemDisplayName", Disabled: true }, (no results)                                       ],
Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong.

Better yet I think I can see whats available in in the console (f12)...but I'm not very good at it.  Can I see all variables available in the console? 



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  • Zackary_SlatesZackary_Slates Customer IT Monkey ✭
    Thanks Geoff!

    I'm not quite up to creating a custom type projection and maybe some help figuring out what data I do have access to might be best for right now.

    It looks like I can get to most data stored in the ServiceManagement csnCached_MT_Computer table.  I say most because some info in that table I cannot seem to pull in (Example:.OperatingSystemXMicrosoft_Windows_ComputerHostsOperatingSystem_DisplayName).

    I'm wondering is there a way to see what data is available in a form (HardwareAsset.js)?  I was thinking hitting f12 and bringing up the console might be of some help?


  • ErickMejiaErickMejia Member IT Monkey ✭

    Hi Everybody

    I´m a new user in this eviroment.

    I need to do two things in my asset management

    1) Create a new type of device: in the Asset Management tab I find computers, printers, etc. but I need to add Network Devices (access point, switches) and add the data types of these devices, how do I do it?

    2) I need to customize my Asset Excel to match the one I did in step 1.

    Please put me in the right direction. Thank you in advanced.

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