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New feature request / bug report for free ticker app.

EmilEmil Member IT Monkey ✭

Hi guys, I have found that Configuration Manager Ticker (free) is really great addition to SCCM Admin console. It is an excellent idea. THANK YOU.

I would like to deploy it to all productions workstations (around 5500 of them), but it would be even better if some new features are added.  

  • Please add option to install the ticker client, but don't display it on the system tray. I experienced a few times when user closes that app (they have rights since this app run as current logged on user) and announcements will not be displaying. Right now I deployed Compliance Baseline with the script that checks if the Ticker App is running and if it's running as a user (not as a system account) and start the process as currently logged on user if it isn't compliant (every 30 minutes).
  • Also add option to automatically restart Ticker app if it's closed by End User.  
  • When new update/version of the client comes out, please add notification about it to the Admin console only, so we don't have to wory about calls to the help desk asking about popup message.
  • BUG: Please disable "Enter" key to send out announcements that has not been finished/checked. Currently if you're typing the message and accidentally press "Enter" ,that unfinished announcement will be sent.
  • Once new version of the client is released, please set it to default to do upgrade of the old client to avoid running separate command

Is there any way to set default colors for different type on announcements? For example: For severity Information Background Blue, Text White, and for Critical set Background RED and text Yellow.


Thank you,



  • wally_meadwally_mead Member Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭
    Hi Emil,

    Great to hear from you and glad to hear that you like the app. It's always great to hear from our customers, especially when they have good things to say about the work we've done. It helps us know what we're on the right track to helping create solutions that you all want.

    There is a specific location in the Community site for feature requests. It is conveniently titled "Feature Request", and you can find it at the very top of the Community site. Click it, then click "Configuration Manager Apps". There what you'd want to do is to first search to see if anyone else has already suggested anything that you also want, and then to create unique threads per request. That way, others can view your individual suggestions and vote on them if they want that too (same as you can do when you first search for ideas - if already there, just vote it up. That helps us prioritize - the more people that vote for a feature, the higher it raises in the list of features to be added.

    We have heard a couple of those suggestions before, however, they were before the Community site was launched (such as saving default color schemes, hiding the system tray icon, allowing you to cancel a sent announcement, etc.). I'd suggest that you still go in and create unique suggestions for each individual idea that you have. That again will allow others to vote on your ideas.

    From there, others will vote, and when we get around to enhancing the product, we'll be looking back here for what the community is requesting, and see what makes sense to implement.

    Thanks again, and keep the suggestions coming. Not only for this app, but also Remote Manage, as well as any other suggestions you have for new apps that you'd like us to create.

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