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Has anyone upgraded to 9.4.1? Issues?

Jeff_LandersJeff_Landers Customer IT Monkey ✭

Any issues like mine?

No Platform Cache Version or Platform Version

Platform Log seems to indicate the server is trying to get to the wrong database 

The server principal "SVC-CiresonAPTest" is not able to access the database "ServiceManager" under the current security context.


  • Thorsten_MewesThorsten_Mewes Customer IT Monkey ✭

    I upgraded our dev&test environment two days ago and had no problems. Version Information is displayed correct and no log is showing any problems.

    Did you run the install with the same account as you did before? We experience some problems when using different accounts for updating cireson. The XML file which stores Setup values is stores in the userprofile, so maybe when using different accounts the Setup values get messed up...

  • Thorsten_MewesThorsten_Mewes Customer IT Monkey ✭

    Another problem in this context could be a change to SSL settings not reflected in Platform Cache. Take a look here:

    In this case we found the best solution is to reinstall Portal with using ssl options within cireson Setup rather than changing iis ssl settings afterwards. In this way, all components get the right ssl Settings via Setup.

  • Shane_WhiteShane_White Cireson Support Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭


    I would highly recommend logging a Support Ticket for this kind of issue :)



  • Jeff_LandersJeff_Landers Customer IT Monkey ✭

    I did log a ticket and we are still working on it.  ARO is partially broken again like it was in 9.2 but that is a separate issue and Cireson is working on it.  Thank you for your answers

  • Tom_HendricksTom_Hendricks Customer Super IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭✭

    ARO seems to be broken for us too. Didn't catch it in testing because it is only certain forms. We will be adding an IR too

  • Tom_HendricksTom_Hendricks Customer Super IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭✭

    Multiple IRs for multiple issues sent to Cireson now. ARO is more than partially broken. Our Service Catalog has ceased to function, full stop.


  • Jeff_LandersJeff_Landers Customer IT Monkey ✭

    It appears that a failed LMA migration may be to blame since the test service account is trying to use the production database.  Is there a way to fix failed LMA migrations?  Does LMA copy MP's to the destination?   

    Exception 2019-09-10T17:22:30.4335883-07:00: System.Exception:     Exception executing BootstrapHandler PlatformCache.Data.LifecycleManagement.RecompileDynamicEdmIfNecessary ---> System.AggregateException: One or more errors occurred. ---> System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: The server principal "SVC-CiresonAPTest" is not able to access the database "ServiceManager" under the current security context.





  • Jeff_LandersJeff_Landers Customer IT Monkey ✭
    edited September 16

    So they did figure out that there is a bug in 9.1 that prevents the Platform cache service from running after an upgrade.  I was able upgrade my test side after a database tweak but, yes, ARO has issues.  

    We are running 9.2.1 and is the only version that seems to be fully functional.   I can verify that ARO is broken in 9.2, 9.3.1, and 9.4.1

  • Konstantin_Slavin-BoKonstantin_Slavin-Bo Customer Ninja IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭


    Could you please expand on how ARO is broken? Thanks.

  • Jeff_LandersJeff_Landers Customer IT Monkey ✭

    For us, if a required field is set to Display when true...  the user can still skip it  ie.  the required part is not being honored.   This may be dependent on whether the prompt is on a separate layout page.  It doesn't seem to matter if it is a query, text, etc.   ARO just ignores the fact it is required.   A separate but problematic ARO issue (even in 9.2.1 which seems to honor conditional prompts) is that a user can double click on a selection in a list which selects and then unselects the item.  ARO detects this as satisfying the required aspect of the field and lets the user continue.

  • seth_coussensseth_coussens Product Owner Ninja IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭

    Just to chime in here, we are investigating the above reported issues, but so far those are the only that have been reported. If anyone else is having similar issues to those described above, please make sure and put in a support ticket so we can quantify the scope of the problem and possibly reproduce the issues faster.


  • Jeff_LandersJeff_Landers Customer IT Monkey ✭


    Justin was attaching a movie to the problem illustrating the issue.  Perhaps, that did not happen?

    Also, it would be awesome if you could fix the double click being accepted by ARO for a required field.  My users double click in the dropdown list which selects and then deselects the item but ARO lets the user continue.  The runbooks are then unhappy with no value for the field.  I submitted a problem for this in version 9.2.   Thank you for your consideration


  • Philip_HåkansPhilip_Håkans Customer IT Monkey ✭

    We have major issues with multiple mappning and ROService.js/ROToolbox.js I had to roll back the update. Our ARO's submitted with [Prompt_$GUID] instead of the correct user input. I have registered an incident on it.

  • seth_coussensseth_coussens Product Owner Ninja IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭

    @Jeff_Landers in looking at your tickets, I can see these are different issues than what the others are referring too, and I've pushed up the chain to have your issues looked at sooner than later.

    As for the others, it's been determined that the community customization RO Toolbox has not been updated for the changes that have been put into the AROs with the latest version.

    @Philip_Håkans I'll lookup your incident, but the RO Toolbox as a community customization would have to be removed, and then the problem replicated before we would be able to provide support around that specific issue. Of course if it was removed and the issue still persisted then we could prioritize a fix for this issue.

  • Peter_MiklianPeter_Miklian Customer Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭

    @Jeff_Landers I spotted similar issue a few portal versions ago: when page contains some required fields, text and integer inputs can be skipped and user is allowed to continue to next page/save SR even if those fields are required, too.

    I noticed this to Cireson in my IR84939

  • seth_coussensseth_coussens Product Owner Ninja IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭

    Thanks @Peter_Miklian I've taken a look at the ticket and communicated the above to the team regarding it as well.

  • Jeff_LandersJeff_Landers Customer IT Monkey ✭

    it is not all doom and gloom. 9.2.1 only has the double click issue. It correctly honors required fields

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