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Request Offering Change Control - Default Change Area Enumeration List

Timothy_BoyceTimothy_Boyce Customer IT Monkey ✭

This is Not an Advanced Request Offering....

I inherited the Change Request and added a few additional properties particular to this one change control. It will not be used in other change control offerings. This is why I dint extend the CR.

Unrelated: In order to get CRs to work in the ROs, I found some articles about modifying the target template in the custom MP for the RO.

The issue I am having in the Cireson Portal, is that the enumeration list for the Change Area is not populating correctly. Change Impact, Change Risk, Change Priority enumeration lists all show up correctly. Note, this is the standard Change Area list

If I use the SCSM Console, using this template, everything works - meaning all drop downs function as normal.

In the RO, it is a simple User Prompt configured to use the Change Area enumeration list.

What am I missing?

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  • Justin_WorkmanJustin_Workman Cireson Support Super IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭✭
    Answer ✓

    @Timothy_Boyce - It looks like the Change Area enum was disabled in your Enumeration table in the Service Management database.


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