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Open an Request Offering in Portal and set Values through parameters

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is it possible to open an Request Offering and set for example the affectedUser and a affected configitem through parameters? We created a own site in the Portal for our customers so they can see which services they have booked. The customers should have the possibility to take an action on their booked services, like if a customer have a client computer and would like to create an incident in the context of the clientcomputer. We have a Incident Request Offering for our help desk. It would be nice if the customer could simply create an incident on the client with one click. A new window open with the request offering which have already the customer as a affecteduser and the computerclient as a relatedConfigitem in our existing request offering form.

And if this is possible we would use this generic with lots of different request offerings, like expand existing SharePoint Teamsite contingent etc etc

Here is a prototype of the site

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  • Jan_SchulzJan_Schulz Customer Adept IT Monkey ✭✭

    @Tony_Collett thank you for the answer.

    I will create a feature request for my problem, maybe i have luck :-)

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