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Change multiple fields based on 1 query

Eric_EvansEric_Evans Member IT Monkey ✭

I was wondering it it is possible to change multiple form fields (for a service request) based on 1 Query Search. Example, We have several identifiers (Name, Email, Employee Number, ect...) if a user puts in his Email it will auto populate the other fields. Is this a possibility, and I am sorry if this has already been answered.

Thank you.


  • Bill_CrumBill_Crum Customer IT Monkey ✭

    Yes this is possible in a couple ways, but the easiest would be Orchestrator. A runbook that is looking for that field to be changed on any active Service Request, and then you retrieve the new value, query AD or where ever you want to get your other data, then enter the other data into their perspective fields.

    I never did it, but I think you can use .net to make a task that would do this as well, but that would require user activation, and not be automated.

    Not sure of the limitations of what you can DO in workflows, but I know you can build a workflow that would kep on the change of that field, just like your Runbook would. But as I said, I don't know what you can do inside the workflow coding wise to say for sure.

    But yeah, I could do this with an Orchestrator Monitor pretty easily, and I am not a coder.

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