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View All "Service Requests" submitted in Cireson Self Service Portal Service Request Offerings

Hi Cireson Community,

I am new to Cireson and never supported SCSM up until a month ago. SCSM 2016 is currently installed on a DEV environment along with the latest version of the Cireson Self Service Portal.

This portal blew me away and I would like to start using it in my environment. At this time I can only view IR( Incident Requests), I would like to view all Service Requests that are submitted through the Service Offerings that are published from the Service Manager Console to the Self Service Portal.

I can view my own requests that are assigned to my queue (TESTUSER) but I cannot view all requests that are in the Service Request Queue. Please help.

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    James_JohnsonJames_Johnson Customer Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭
    edited February 2021

    Hi @Joe

    I believe once you activate the portal with a license "All Incidents" becomes "Active Work" which would show all open Incidents and Service requests.

    The wording in your post is a little confusing, but if you want to see every SR in the system (more than 1 queue) that would be the way. But you also say "in the Service Request Queue", which could mean that you are only using one queue so if you're account is an analyst for that queue "Team Work" would show all open SRs for that queue.

    It's probably best to make a post in the forum for the portal first before making a feature request, there are a lot of customizations available for the portal and Service Manager and the forum is full of helpful people.

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    JoeJoe Member IT Monkey ✭

    Thank you so much for your response, Yes you are correct looks like a license will be needed as we have multiple queues. I am in contact with your support team to schedule a demo. We are loving this portal!

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