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Use pictures in ARO

Hi folks,

i am searching for a solution to use pictures in context of an advanced request offering for multiple purposes.

Here are some examples of what we want to achieve:

  • Show pictures assigned to entries in dropdown lists, to give users more insight into what they are choosing
  • Show pictures based on what a user has chosen regarding a specific field

I already took a look around here but found nothing that comes close to what we need.

Maybe someone has already achieved same kind of pictures support in an aro?

Best regards, Thorsten


  • Adam_DzyackyAdam_Dzyacky Product Owner Contributor Monkey ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hey @Thorsten_Mewes I'd be interested to know if this is a picture on a custom CI class or you're referring to Asset Management Catalog Items that have that property?

  • Magnus_LundgrenMagnus_Lundgren Partner IT Monkey ✭

    If you have a querypicker and scoped that to for example an asset with a picture you could than add the information to a class you create in the ARO

    Create a display only prompt in the form and name it

    <div class="modelpicture"><span id ="AssetPicture"></span></div>

    Then when you select an item in the querypicker it will add the information from that to the form

    // select the kendogrid, change the [0] to the grid in the form, first kendo grid is always [0]
    var thisKendoGrid = $(KendoGrids[0]).getKendoGrid();
    thisKendoGrid.bind('change', function(e) {
    	var thisEventKendoGrid = e.sender;
    	var selectedRow = thisEventKendoGrid.select();
    	var ConfigItemID = thisEventKendoGrid.dataItem(selectedRow).Id;
    	$.get('/Search/GetObjectProperties', { id: ConfigItemID }, function(data) {
    		var ConfigItem = data;
    		var description = ConfigItem.description
    		var picture = ConfigItem.picture;
    		$('#AssetPicture').html('<div class="col-sm-4"><img src="data:image/jpg;base64,' + picture + '"></div><div class="col-sm-8">' +	description +	'</div>');
    }); // END Bind 'Change'
  • Thorsten_MewesThorsten_Mewes Customer IT Monkey ✭

    Hi @Adam_Dzyacky , in the first step we are not referring to asset catalog. this pictures are meant to be examples of printed forms a user can order via aro. the text description is often not enough for a user to understand if the correct form was chosen. thus we want to add an image of each form next to the text in a dropdown list.

  • Thorsten_MewesThorsten_Mewes Customer IT Monkey ✭

    Hi @Magnus_Lundgren, i understand your approach. this i kind of something which is also used in aro toolbox, right?

    I think this is a way we can figure out, with but i was hoping i was somehow easier to achieve placing images in aro without the need to "hack" aro via custom.js

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