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Cube issue in SM

alex_kokinalex_kokin Member IT Monkey ✭
edited April 2021 in Service Manager

I had previously installed the SM Data Warehouse and SM Reporting server on the same box but installed the databases on the SQL server that hosted the servicemanagement and servicemanager databases.

Since I was having some issues with reporting and the Data Warehouse components missing from SM Console, I redid the Data Warehouse server.

I reinstalled The Data Warehouse services and this time left the databases pointing to itself instead of the other SQL.

the components are back but the Cubes are having issues. I was looking at the Data WareHouse server and see that the DWASDataBase Data Sources are still pointing to the old databases on the other SQL. Should I change the Server Name in that path to the New Data WareHouse server name and will that have any negative impact to the SM?


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    Justin_WorkmanJustin_Workman Cireson Support Super IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭✭

    @alex_kokin - Did you sort this out? Changing any DW configuration should not have any negative effect on Service Manager.

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    alex_kokinalex_kokin Member IT Monkey ✭

    Yes this is all set. thank you.

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