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Conditional portal WI form required fields

Chris_Chekaluk1Chris_Chekaluk1 Customer Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭

Currently, portal form .js contains a boolean option whether or not the portal should require user input to a work item field (such as the IR's Urgency & Impact fields).

Unfortunately this option doesn't work too well for WI's that have process (activities) built into their base templates

For example, the Implementation Results field should be required but *only* after the CR's implementation activity has been completed and the CR moves to a validation stage. I don't think driving any logic from the stage value makes sense, but rather something more specific to a given template- such as the ChildId of the activity.

I am thinking of either a new (or updated?) portal field in the form .js similar to ConditionalRequired:12345 This would force users to enter data in the field when activity with ChildId = 12345 is active.

This suggestion does raise a couple questions:

1) how to handle it when the portal form displays a WI that does not contain the ChildId (I assume default to not required?)

2) coexistence/compatibility with the existing Required option since both allowed values are already spoken for.

3) I could envision a similar update to the Disabled option might be useful as well... something along the lines of disabling a field to prevent someone from updating a field at an inappropriate time.

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