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limitations with portal form's multipleObjectPicker control

Chris_Chekaluk1Chris_Chekaluk1 Customer Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭

Cireson incident IR113704 documents some limitations with the multipleObjectPicker control when it comes to displaying and interacting with the control when trying to display related data that is 2 levels deep.

For example, say you relate a Cireson Organization record to a Windows computer. You can use the control to display & interact with Windows computer properties/objects on the Organization.js portal form. However, trying to display/interact with DeployedComputer properties (such as Model number) in the same control exposes these limitations. Organization & Windows Computer/Deployed computer may not be the right example, since there are other ways to interact with this data (thinking about Remote Support and/or hardware asset mgmt).

However, not having a portal form control that allows full access to all related data in your CMDB is the limitation.

This is a feature request for a new control- perhaps OData and/or SQL ones (similar to the dashboard widget controls) - that addresses these limitations, giving portal form designers the ability to display any/all related class data provided the necessary infrastructure is in place (relationships, type projections). Also it should have the ability to <Add> and <Remove> relationships if the control is enabled for editing.

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