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Predicting Work Items instead of Converting them

Adam_DzyackyAdam_Dzyacky Product Owner Contributor Monkey ✭✭✭✭✭

I often see talk about using the Convert Work Item tasks (IR -> SR, SR-> IR). But what I don't see is discussion using Azure Machine Learning to predict Work Item types, Classifications, Support Groups, Assignees, Impacted Config Items, etc.

With ML, there would be less (if any) of a need to convert Work Items because they

  • would be the correct type out of the gate
  • would save you time because every work item could now be routed faster and thus potentially resolved faster
  • would provide a new and improved degree of consistency in reporting

So why not use ML?

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Predicting Work Items instead of Converting them 8 votes

It sounds expensive
12% 1 vote
It sounds complicated
37% 3 votes
I'm not using Azure
25% 2 votes
I'm in an airgapped environment
0% 0 votes
It's something else. I'll DM you.
25% 2 votes


  • Calandra_LakeCalandra_Lake Customer IT Monkey ✭

    This is something that would absolutely be useful. Even if not ML, I would love to have a way to at least manually set default the support group based on the category/area selected. This ability is something I really miss from our prior product. It now takes are Help Desk longer to locate the correct support group. And, the conversion process from SR to IR and vice versa is not clean (and we need to do this too often).

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