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Transfer of future informations between activities

Radek_NovakRadek_Novak Member IT Monkey ✭


we try to provide informations, which we will get in future from one manual (or another) activity, to another one.

Use case: for example WF for Activation of SIM cards: 

a) Office mgr takes the new SIM, Prepare it and provide _ICCID_ number (serial nr)

b) IT L2 will do Activation of _ICCID_ and will get the _Telephone number_

c) Office mgr gives the SIM with _ICCID_ and _Telephone number_ to the user

d) HR assistant will insert new _Telephone number_ to SAP HR

Information what to do with _xyz_ is included in notification, because not all of staff included in WF does have analytics rights to the SM Portal and we want to communicate with them by e-mail (notify them; and the completion of work from their side will come to the SCSM by e-mail)

So we prepared two standardized ORC Runbooks which we will use after the activity where we will get the future information .

1. "Get Notes from _Activity name_" and store _UserInput_ to parent SR 

(RB works with its title like an array - text divided by special char "Prepare | ICCID" says Get Notes from activity Prepare (a) and store ICCID as Userinput name and Activity notes as a value of the userinput - into the parent SR)

2. The second RB wil get _Userinput_ value and put it to the description of the _Activity name_

RB "ICCID | Activation" wil take value of stored UserInput ICCID in SR and add a text after description of MA Activation (b)

L2 will get notification "Do an activation SIM with the provider. ICCID:98745632164654"

L2 finish his MA and to the notice of MA will put the tel. nr (or will finish MA by e-mail with tel. nr )

3. new tel. nr. will be provided to activities c and d 

Etcetera... Etcetera

we thought using two RBs may look unefficient, but they will be reusable as a template.

Did someone something like this? Do you have easier way how to do?


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    Justin_WorkmanJustin_Workman Cireson Support Super IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭✭

    @Radek_Novak - Could you just extend the SR class so that as the people do the work, they enter their piece of information directly into a field just for that piece of information? For example, you can add an ICCID property and a telephone number property. This might save step 1 where you're parsing and recording the individual pieces of information.

    Customize and author classes | Microsoft Docs

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