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Deleting prompts in the ARO editor/wizard:

Chris_Chekaluk1Chris_Chekaluk1 Customer Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭

I would find it useful if deleting of user prompts in the ARO editor/wizard would be easier- i.e. if it would automatically handle the dependencies- i.e. clicking the option to delete the prompt would 1) automatically remove mapping/multiple mappings; remove any layout logic for the prompt, reset any prompts that have hide/show layout logic back to 'Display Always', etc.

As it is now, the Admin must manually identify and remove all dependencies before being able to delete a prompt and commit the updated RO to the db. The identification step get more & more difficult as the number of prompts in RO's grow.

In my experience, I have found the RO development process to be very iterative, i.e. a give & take with what the customer wants with what is delivered, so there is a lot of churn in the RO definition as the RO evolves to a deliverable state. For example, I am currently working on an RO with more than 50 prompts and am needing to remove 15 of them.

Manually unwinding all of the dependencies is complicated and it would be great if the tool could do it for you.

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