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Conditional 'label' text in ARO multiple mapping

Similar to how the ARO Layout section gives the ARO author the ability to hide/show user prompts to the submitter... it would be nice if Multiple mapped label text could also be hide/shown as well. For example:

In the resulting WI's Description, one might have something similar mapped:

Computer: <computer name user prompt field>

In this case the text "Computer: " would be mapped to the WI whether or not the user provided input to the prompt or not. The resulting WI's description field could be cluttered with a bunch of wasted label text and whitespace depending on how complex the RO is.

Ideally, this enhancement would not require ARO authors to maintain 2 separate sets of criteria logic (one for the prompt, and another for the label), but instead would share the same logic. Perhaps a new 'property' for the prompt might accomplish this? The existing prompt title written for and exposed to the requester, with a new prompt label geared towards the Analyst working the WI's with the label text multiple mapped accordingly along with the user input data.

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