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Support Group Cleanup

jodi_waldjodi_wald Member IT Monkey ✭

Can we remove a Support Group that is not needed anymore. In fact the DL that the support group was mapped to no longer exists. So how to we remove the support group mapping? I removed the support group from the List items, but I can not remove the mapping in Settings -> Cireson - Console App Tier Mappings. Shows as a blank Support Group with no way to delete the DL that was mapped.


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    Matt_Howard1Matt_Howard1 Customer Adept IT Monkey ✭✭

    Hi Jodi--

    Yes you can remove the group mappings. If you select the row in the Settings, then click the red X icon in the upper right of each section, that will remove the row. Is that not working for you?

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    jodi_waldjodi_wald Member IT Monkey ✭

    It worked. I was clicking in the Support Group mapping or the Active Directory Group fields. Did not know about selecting the whole row. Once I did that the mapping is gone. Now I can remove the Support Group from Lists. Thank You!

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