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Notification Subscription not triggering from scsm_workflow

Sam_NguyenSam_Nguyen Customer IT Monkey ✭

I have a working notification subscription that alerts a support group when an Incident is triaged to their queue. However, when the workflow process scsm_workflow_prod triages the ticket, the notification doesn't trigger - no email sends alerting the support group that a ticket has been moved to their queue.

(This subscription triggers when an Analyst triages a ticket. It only does not work when the workflow triages it)

**Note: we do not use this feature in Notify Analyst app since we only want 'triage' notifications for certain teams, not everyone**

In this context, I use a parsing keyword Incident workflow to route tickets. So, when a user sends an email to our exchange connector with keyword {Admin} in the body, scsm_workflow_prod will detect that keyword and send the ticket to Admin Apps team.

Test ticket that did not alert via email:

My built subscription:

Any thoughts or reasons why subscription isn't triggering? Any logic errors in my subscription?



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    Simon_ZeinhoferSimon_Zeinhofer Customer Ninja IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭

    You should look at the workflow tab in the admin section of the console. There you see if the workflow got triggered at all/failed.

    Can you try disabling all queues in the group/queue selection? Then it should work. I had a similar problem when I created a subscription for RAs long ago. I guess the problem is,that the incident is not a member of the queue when the notification should trigger, therefor the workflow does not work. If you deselect all queues,it should work for every incident and the workflow will trigger. 🙂

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