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Review Activities (RAs) assigned to AD-Group in TeamWork View

Erik_LuthErik_Luth Customer Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭

In de default SCSM-Console, if in a Review Activities (RA) the Reviewer is an AD-Group, those RAs are shown to all members of the AD-group in the view  "Review Activities\Activities Assigned to Me".

Also the Cireson "My Active WorkItems" (aka MAWI in SCSM-Console) view shows those Review Activities!

This is what the analyst expect how it works, but...

Going to the Analyst-WebPortal, looking at the view "Team Work" (or "My Work"), those RAs (where Reviewer is a AD-Group) are not shown. Why !?!

Even weirder, if you create a CR with a RA where the Reviewer is a AD-group, they will show up in the Analyst-WebPortal for some time (assuming you are member of that AD-group) and then later disappear. I really think this is a bug!, Next to the functionality difference between SCSM-Console and Analyst-WebPortal. This is not what the analyst expects as they are working in both SCSM-Console en Analysts-WebPortal (as both have their strength and weaknesses).

I know that Cireson has described the Portal-Views and how they work, but come on is this realy how the users see it?


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