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Handing Service Requests On Hold

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How do you handle service requests that are put in the 'On Hold' status?

Currently in our system if a service request is put On Hold, all the 'Pending' activities would also be set to 'On Hold'. What happens is that all of those activities show up in My Active Work Items (Provided the setting is on to display items On Hold). 

We do not assign Service Requests to users, but we assign Manual Activities to Analysts and Groups, so our analysts start to see these jobs that are On Hold and they can't be removed from the MAWI list. 

Turning off the "Include On-hold Activities" setting will cause the request to completely disappear off everyone's radar, so we can't do that. 

How do other people handle On Hold Service Requests?


  • Bill_CrumBill_Crum Customer IT Monkey ✭


    We use a similar method, in that our Help Desk retains assignment of the Service Request, and uses the Activities to assign work to other teams. I have the option to show activities on hold turned off, and I have a view for the Help Desk to show their On Hold Service Requests. It is a daily workflow they do, to check those, document on the ticket why they are on hold and activate them again if they are not specifically waiting on something.

    It is hard to account for everything automatically, but this let's my workflow managers who build the workflows with the Activities manage the parent work item, without disturbing the other analysts.

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