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Prompt to Confirm Attachment Removal or Ability to Restrict Attachment Removal

Jonathan_BolesJonathan_Boles Customer Ninja IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭
Hi, we've had a few requests within our environment to introduce a warning prompt when an analyst or user goes to remove an attachment on a work item. Wondering if anyone in the community has ever built something like this or has any ideas for how to safeguard against this without restricting who can remove attachments. We'd prefer just to give that "second chance" to let them be absolutely sure they wish to remove the attachment. I know that if someone accidentally removes an attachment, they can navigate away from the page before pressing apply or save (submit within our environment) but looking for something more immediate as it's almost muscle memory after a while to press save/submit on a work item after enter information or making updates.

If this is not possible, our next option would be to see if it's possible to restrict attachments from being removed from work items to only admins or the users that attached them in the first place (or even the latter would be helpful).

Lastly, if all else fails we would want to look at restricting the ability to remove attachments to just the portal/SCSM admins.

I'd appreciate any feedback or any advice from anyone who has done this or something similar to it that may help along this path no matter which of the three scenarios. Many thanks in advance!
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