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SCSM DW not registering SR Extension

JC9542JC9542 Member IT Monkey ✭
I previously asked about verifying changes extending SRs and IRs.  We have management packs that add new properties to those types of items.  I made copies of the source XMLs then made edits with the authoring tool to add in a new property KnowledgeSource and text box for it on the forms.  The text box shows up correctly on both forms, but the actual data is saving to the DW for only the IR not the SR.  I have sealed the MPs and imported them.  I verified that ETL is sync'ing both of the MPs.

If I look at the live data in the SCSM DB Servicemanager I can find tables for dbo.MT_ClassExtension_48ff04ac_984d_4b4b_9c78_3c72ab5516af and  dbo.MT_ClassExtension_a2198ef2_b12b_4fe6_b4c1_631e5345b2f5.  (I assume the last part of the name is the GUID for the MP?)  Under columns for each object I see respectively KnowledgeSource_E96971AF_81F7_C4AE_6BE1_B75FCF3EEFB2
and KnowledgeSource_6A5A30B8_DE6E_4775_6D49_D733429355B2

In the DW under DWDataMart I can see dbo.IncidentDimvw has a column KnowledgeSource, but dbo.ServiceRequestDimvw doesn't. We do have other custom fields/properties that show up as columns in that table though. 

For IRs, I had gotten an option to apply schema changes to the cube.  I don't get the same option for the Service Manager Service Catalog Library Cubes.  I'm guessing that's something that won't happen until the property makes it way into the DW though?

Is there something else I need to do or check to make that property show up in the DW?


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    David_AllenDavid_Allen Partner Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭
    I usually find issues like this are due to the MP not sync'ing correctly to the DW.  I know you said you have checked the sync'ing of both MP's, but does the DW have the same MP version as the one in SCSM?
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    Conner_WoodConner_Wood Customer Ninja IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭
    Forget about the Cubes, they don't have any say on how the Data Warehouse grabs data.

    I'm assuming KnowledgeSource is a property of type string.

    Have you added any text into that property for any Service Request so it'll make the column on next sync?

    If you have then it's indeed a syncing issue like @David_Allen pointed out.

    When I have syncing issues with the Data Warehouse from tickets not updating and need to force an update, I run the following jobs in this order one at a time:
    1. Extract_SCSM
    2. Extract_DW_SCSM
    3. Transform.Common
    4. Load.Common

    You might need to see the last time your jobs were run, or ensure your schedules are enabled by remoting onto your Data Warehouse Management Server and running the powershell command: Get-SCDWJobSchedule
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