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what happens when an analyst has been moved to different OU in AD

Veljko_SeroVeljko_Sero Customer IT Monkey ✭

Hi ,

I am wondering what happens when an analyst has been moved to another group in OU in AD

Every time we do it the Cireson portal breaks for them. They will get the same display as end users.

I would restart services, sync AD , restart the server  but no help.

Eventually after 24 hours or so thy will get their analyst portal back.

Is it expected and what can I do to speed it up without interruption for others.


Also I had request to change the name of OU group in AD which has several analyst.

The Cireson portal breaks for them so I hope it will come back or somebody may tell me what to do.


However, even I sync Ad connectors in SCSM console I can still see the old OU.  (organization unit and distinguished name).Is it possible that those will not get updated?


Thanks for your help


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    Paolo_PierorazioPaolo_Pierorazio Customer IT Monkey ✭
    Just one AD connector for Synch Users and Groups?

    in my case i have 2 connectors and i run in this sequence:
    * Synch AD Users Connector
    * Synch AD Groups Connector
    * Restart Cireson Cache Builder for all server hosting the Cireson Portal.

    this procedure work great for me.
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    Veljko_SeroVeljko_Sero Customer IT Monkey ✭

    I have few connectors, AD User Connector  syncs all OU where all user are and  AD groups where akk SCSM groups are. I am checking now in my scsm console. Two users are in the same group.  I did AD sync and one user is showing the same group as in in AD and the other like that he is in still in the previous group so no update.

    No idea how is that posible.

    By the way I wanted to check  on my test server, but I am not sure what is wrong byt Cireson Cache builder file is empty :(. Logged the ticket about that

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