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Leif_ErikssonLeif_Eriksson Customer IT Monkey ✭
Is there no Notify Analyst Free version for SCSM 2016? I cannot find the Free version for download


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    merlenette_jonesmerlenette_jones Member Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭
    • Navigate to Administration \ Settings
    • Select “Cireson – Notify Analyst Settings” and select “Edit” in the Tasks menu
    • Populate the following fields within the Administration settings:

    General Settings

    • License Key
      •  Type the word "free" to enable the free version of the Notify Analyst app
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    Sprague_ChrisSprague_Chris Member IT Monkey ✭
    I am trying to use the free version and it doesn't seem to send any emails for the comments.  It shows the workflow running, but the analyst and end user do not receive notifications.
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