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Portal content only visible for my admin account

Ray_DiDonatoRay_DiDonato Member IT Monkey ✭
I was trying out the alternate home page layout to see if we wanted to go with it as our default page for analysts.  Everything seemed fine from what I could tell, because my admin and standard account could see everything just fine.  Whenever I had someone else take a look, all they received is a blank page.  Previously they were okay before I made the guid switch to the alternative page in the admin settings.

Now this morning I come in, and I cannot see anything with my standard account.  I can still access everything with my admin account.  I tired following through some of the posts that talk about permissions config, such as:
and https://community.cireson.com/discussion/47/walk-through-portal-deployment-example-part-1
but I'm still coming up empty on this one.

I tried setting the guids back thinking it was just the alt page, but the standard home page comes up blank as well.

I didn't really configure anything yet on the SCSM side as far as permissions, we're still early in testing, and yet everyone was able to view the portal fully as long as they were a member of the analyst group and now they can't.  Could someone help point me in the right direction?


  • Justin_WorkmanJustin_Workman Cireson Support Super IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭✭
    @Ray_DiDonato - you may want to check that you have the Home Page's visibility set in Navigation Settings(Your Name menu in the top right). You probably want to start with Public visibility especially for the Home Page.
  • Ray_DiDonatoRay_DiDonato Member IT Monkey ✭
    @Justin_Workman - thanks for the response. It seems there were a few things going on here.  The first is that I must've made a change to the custom.css and custom.js files at some point.  In trying to troubleshoot all aspects of the problem, I restored the files from a backup, and that appeared to resolve the issue of the visibility of the portal.  The other analysts were still unable to see the SO's, but I added them to a custom role group in SCSM and that issue appears to have been resolved as well.  I was even able to drop the Public status of the home pages during this effort, so I'm in a much better place.

    Another case of shooting oneself in the foot I suppose which these things often turn out to be.  I think I'm just trying to do too much at once.

    It all stems from wanting to do so much with the Portal, but feeling unable to because of a lack of web skills.  I don't want to have to reach out to our internal devs or Cireson every time the need for a customization arises.  The portal is certainly an improvement over the console, but there are a few things that it doesn't do out of the box that the current SCSM console can do that will be major pain points with our users.  I remedied some of that with custom solutions from the community, but I'm hesitant to add community solutions without being able to figure out how the customization works if it ever were to break.
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