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FAILED - The item you requested either does not exist or you do not have access to view it.

Sandy_WoodSandy_Wood Customer IT Monkey ✭

Today we ran into an issue of our own making. When trying to open an older, Closed Incident, we received an error, "FAILED - The item you requested either does not exist or you do not have access to view it."

Checking the SCSM Data Retention settings we see that we have the Incident Retention time at 90 days. So it appears that the ServiceManagement database keeps a record of the Closed Incident forever, correct?

What do others have their Incident Retention Time set at?


  • damon_mulligandamon_mulligan Cireson Consultant Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭
    edited April 2018
    1. Does that Incident display if you filter for it in the SCSM Console under All Incidents?
    2. Once that data retention time passes, you can only access work items via the Data Warehouse.
    3. When a work item is closed, you cannot edit it.
    4. I have seen data retention set from 90-365 days. You just have to consider the performance impact and Service Manager database size when you increase past 90. 90 Days is Microsoft's recommendation for IR's. Curious to see what others have set at, and what they did to compensate.
    5. Sometimes you get that error if the IR exists in the Portal, but has been recently removed from the Console.
  • Sandy_WoodSandy_Wood Customer IT Monkey ✭

    Thanks for the note back on my question, Damon.

    No, we don't see it in the SCSM console. It's got to be because the Incident was over 90 days old. I can see the Closed items when I search in the Data Warehouse. I do get that error in the Portal for any item that has been groomed from the DB. Wish there was a way to search the DW from the Portal!

  • damon_mulligandamon_mulligan Cireson Consultant Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭
    There are others requesting changes to this also. Select this link and give it an up vote. Those eventually make their way to the development team.

  • Sandy_WoodSandy_Wood Customer IT Monkey ✭
    I will!
  • Rod_MartenRod_Marten Customer IT Monkey ✭
    @damon_mulligan We ran with 365 day retention in Service Manager.  did lots of performance tuning.  In the end the performance was just a mess and we redeployed.  Now at 90 days.  If you have any volume, be really careful about increasing retention.
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