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Does lifecycle manager require a working Service Manager.

Steve_Wright1Steve_Wright1 Customer IT Monkey ✭
I have a service manager 2012 R2 install (Rollup9) that will not load the console. (Errors indicating a System Center Data Access Manager issue). I cannot find the source/resolution of the issue. I can restore from backups and lose some data or I could upgrade to 2016 using lifecycle manager. BUT : Does lifecycle manager need a working service manager console/data Access Manager service or does it bypass the service manager components and access the database directly.

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  • Steve_Wright1Steve_Wright1 Customer IT Monkey ✭
    Thanks Geoff, Not the answer I was hoping for but better to know now so that I do not waste time on an unworkable solution. I had not thought of installing a second management server so thanks for that idea. You learn more from problems than from a smoothly working system; its just more painful.
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