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Any way to eliminate email signature and email thread from a User comment sent via email?

We've just upgraded from our 2012 R2 SCSM system to 2016(1801).  Our old system was using the Action Log Notify app, with a simple HTML txt file with the active tokens for property values.

Now we've transitioned to the newer Notify Analyst app that includes the Action Log Notify components.  We've reused a variation of the aforementioned simple HTML.  However, any time a user responds to a work item via their own email (we use O365/Outlook) - regardless of whether it's a Service Request or Trouble Ticket - the body of their email (i.e. the actual "comment") gets pulled in by the variable -- but so does their email signature and any/all items below that in the email thread.

Is there any way to get the comment variables to *only* pull in the actual user comment?  Or is there some other code that can parse the data and only pull in the comment/body portion?

I've attached a copy of an email file generated (changed extension from .msg to .txt); and the HTML being used.



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