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We have some questions regarding settings for the portal.

1: We use SCOM and from SCOM Alerts we create Incidents that are sent to SCSM. If i´m to create an alert i put my username as owner in SCOM and then i change the resolution state so the magic happens.
The thing is that even if i from SCOM assign the incident to a different group all incidents i create this way is shown in "Team Work" since i'm the "Primary Owner".
Is there anyway to make that "Primary Owner" doesn't affect "My Work" and "Team Work"?

2: We have a hard time to figure out how put everything assigned to my group in "Team Work" view.
Now all incidents assigned to my group is shown there. And if i assign a CR# or a SR# to me, those will show up there. But if someone just assigns a Service Request to my group, it will not show up in "Team Work".

3: New Page, Assigned AD Group.
I have created two custom pages and assigned different AD groups to them, the problem is that they see both pages.

For analysts we are using a AD group called "SCSM_Analysts". This group have  "SCSM_Helpdesk" and "SCSM_NET" as members. Different users are members of the helpdesk and net group.
The page for Helpdesk i have assigned to SCSM_Helpdesk and the page for NET i have assigned to SCSM_Net.
But still users in the net group see the Helpdesk page and users in the helpdesk group see the NET page.
Why is it so?

4: Even though we are very few users in the portal (still testing and setting things up) we feel that the portal can be very slow and unresponsive from time to time.
Is there any IIS settings or app settings that are best practice to change?

5: We also get this alert:
A process serving application pool 'CiresonPortal' suffered a fatal communication error with the Windows Process Activation Service. The process id was '3632'. The data field contains the error number.
Anyone knows anything about this?

All this is things we feel we need to solve before we can use the portal in production.

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  • Service_Desk2Service_Desk2 Member IT Monkey ✭
    Thank you for the answers:

    1: After some discussion over here we disabled the "set primary owner" step in Orchestrator, so this is not an issue anymore.

    2: I had totally missed to edit those settings for SR.
    Is there any way to map Changes and Problems the same way?

    3: False alarm. I created several screenshots and then when i wanted the users to take screenshot of their view they don't see each others dashboards anymore. maybe it was just during the setup this happened.
    BUT, I do see every dashboard even though i'm not a member of those specific groups. But i'm admin, maybe that is why i see them?

    4: Thank you, i will read this and see if we get any improvement.

    5: This is an alert we get from SCOM and the IIS management pack.
    I dont see any error in the WebConsole.log during this time. but we do only track errors in the log, i have changed that to include WARN now.
  • Service_Desk2Service_Desk2 Member IT Monkey ✭
    also edit on 4: we are using
  • Service_Desk2Service_Desk2 Member IT Monkey ✭

    1-2 is completed, thanks for the help.
    4-5 i have done the changes and now we wait and see. If i get any more issues i will create a ticket.

    3: my colleague who is admin too also see these new pages even though he did not create them nor belongs to the specified AD group. So maybe it is because we are admins.

    I have another question.

    When i create a custom page with an SQL query for specific work items i loose the functionality like Edit and Tasks. Is there anyway to get this in this scenario?
  • Tom_HendricksTom_Hendricks Customer Super IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭✭

    That is a very good question. That is not possible hence the follow feature request I created. Please go and up-vote and we might get this into the product soon.


    I absolutely love this FR.  How does it have so few votes?  The possibilities are exciting.  Imagine making a dashboard for your analysts to land on that has their work, team work, and other custom views and all their tickets can be managed at a basic level without leaving that single page.

    This could open up a lot of exciting use cases if it received enough votes!
  • Service_Desk2Service_Desk2 Member IT Monkey ✭
    Now i have some "issues" again.

    The sync seem to be really slow.
    2 days ago i added a new user to a scsm role and to the cireson analysts group. late yesterday afternoon she got access to the portal. that took nearly 24 hours.

    yesterday afternoon we found that she had only read rights, so she could not edit any work items. so i added her to another group.
    Now this morning she still couldn't edit work items. and that is like 18h after i added her to the group and ran the AD connectors.

    so i did this:

    First stop the Cache Builder service and then run the following commands against the ServiceManagement DB:

    • TRUNCATE TABLE CI$DomainGroup
    • TRUNCATE TABLE LastModified
    • Restart the IIS app pool
    • Restart the website
    What i found out now is that all new pages i have created and assigned to a specific AD group have been overwritten. before it was only one AD group per page. now after the sync  2 pages have 4 ad groups assigned to them and 1 page have 8 groups assigned to it...

    all of the groups is a member of our Cireson_Analysts group.

    so, really slow sync and settings being overwritten. what is happening?
  • Geoff_RossGeoff_Ross Cireson Consultant Super IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭✭
    Because these are new issues, i've opened a new thread for you and will help you there. This makes things easier to find for other users.
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