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v8.12.6.2016 Self-Service Community Portal - FAILED - The item you requested either does not exist

I'm seeing the following scenario since upgrading our Self-Service Community Portal to v8.12.6.2016.
When trying to view an item in the portal users receive:

The item you requested either does not exist or you do not have access to it.

I have run the option in SMPHelper v5.0 to check users access to the work items failing and the security is fine.  The issue is also happening to our SCSM Administrators

The following article touches on this sort of issue but it refers to earlier versions of SCSM and the portal and is down to a bug:


Has anyone experienced this issue since upgrading the portal?

We use links in emails to users to bring them directly to their work items in the portal and they now get the FAILED message in many cases.  I'm checking a case where one user can only view incidents in the portal which were created in the portal.

As ever any help or advice would be appreciated, Ben

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