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Cireson API to Get Custom Class Objects with Properties

Benjamin_StobbartBenjamin_Stobbart Customer IT Monkey ✭
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Hi All,

What is the best way to get Class Object's including their sub properties using the Cireson API without using a Type Projection call.

We have got the Type Projection API working, but it is to slow even for 300 objects.

We also cannot use the Base call to get the classes the Cireson API Advertises as it does not return the sub properties and we need to filter out objects returned based on an Asset Status Property.

I have also tried adding our custom class to the Dynamic Data Table Filters in a hope that we would get a cached list of the classes objects we could call via the API but I do not see a new table appearing in the Ciresons Database and attempts to call API for this class the way I expected it would work do not appear to be working.

Any suggestions, this is for providing data to a custom control we are building into the Incident and Service Request form.

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  • Benjamin_StobbartBenjamin_Stobbart Customer IT Monkey ✭

    @Justin_Workman - Thank you, it was a bug with the version of the portal we had been running. After upgrading the portal we have been able to get the Dynamic Data API working and this is much faster than the Projection API for our needs.

    Thank your response that this is the best option for us.

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