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How To Determine If Template Was Applied?

Brad_ZimaBrad_Zima Member Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭

Does anyone know of a reliable way to determine what template was applied to a work item or what template a work item was created with? I'm trying to clean up an existing environment and we often have items that are created with missing data fields and I want to find out which template is the problem one.


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    Michael_AidinovichMichael_Aidinovich Cireson Solution Architect Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭

    Hi Brad,

    Great question and OOB SCSM provides that ability within the Change Management Class by adding a Template Name within the Template Tab of the CR Template. That Template Name then appears on each CR WI within the SCSM Console.

    I wish the same held true for SR’s but does not. However, if an SR was created in the Portal, the SR WI will display the RO name. You could reverse engineer that by seeing what template is used for that RO.

    For IR’s, it won’t even show-up within the SCSM Console at all. If you use a PS script it will show what IR number and RO name created from the portal, again reverse engineer as with SR’s.

    If you like we can schedule a quick screen share. Just let me know.


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