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Is there no Logout Function since SSP 10.0?

Kevin_TerschlusKevin_Terschlus Member IT Monkey ✭

Hello Everyone,

So I´ve upgraded to SSP 10.0.0 last week on our dev env

and just now i noticed that i cannot Logout anymore as usual on the Right popup under my user and admin Settings.

So usually this happened to me after an update but configuring IIS Authentication back to Forms used to do the trick, this time though my IIS Settings did stay and are equal to my prod env (9.9.5)where i do have the Option to Logout.

Any pointers here?

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  • Kevin_TerschlusKevin_Terschlus Member IT Monkey ✭

    Ok...i found it, so i was just changing the Auth config of the Server under IIS, not for ist child site (the cireson ssp), now i know those two are not the same and that inheritance does NOT apply here either

    anyway, thanks :)

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