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Anyone have experience with using SLA or SLM

Cary_MyersCary_Myers Customer IT Monkey ✭

Is anyone in the community using this functionality? Receiving questions around stopping the or putting a hold on the associated "clock".


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    Geoff_RossGeoff_Ross Cireson Consultant O.G.
    edited January 2021

    Hi @Cary_Myers

    Are you currently using SLOs in SCSM already and wanted to ask about adding the Stop the Clock functionality or are you yet to implement any SLM and asking for general advice?

    With regards to stop the clock, from a process point of view I don't think its a good idea. The point of SLM is not to meet every objective, but to analyse why certain ones are not being met and doing something about it. This is how IT Teams improve things and deliver better service. If you 'game' this system in order to meet them all, anything will ever change.

    This is my opinion and others will disagree, but maybe Microsoft agree with me as they never built the pausing concept into SCSM console. They did add it into the SCSM framework behind the scenes, but never actually allowed you to configure it. However, due to this, if you do want it, you can enable it directly in the backend of SCSM by editing management packs manually.

    There's lots of articles about how to do this, my fav is linked below, and they all state: 'THIS IS UNSUPPORTED BY MICROSOFT!'. I can't speak for Microsoft, but I'm sure this is not unsupported as Microsoft do allow customisation of SCSM in-line with the underlying framework by a number of methods including making manual changes to management packs.

    Check it out for yourself here: https://blog.scsmsolutions.com/2013/02/sla-in-scsm-2012-part-3-hidden-features/

    Hopefully this wall of text was helpful, lets see what others think.


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    Cary_MyersCary_Myers Customer IT Monkey ✭

    Thanks for the response Geoff.

    The functionality is not currently in production. My research came to the same conclusion. No interest in deploying functionality that is unsupported and will add overhead in terms of administration.

    In my searching an one option would be to move up the SLA clock based on a ticket status.


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