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Simon_ZeinhoferSimon_Zeinhofer Customer IT Monkey ✭

We recently installed a new SCSM 2019 server landscape with new management servers and also a completely fresh installation of Cireson we want to replace our SCSM 2016 productive system with.

It is working fine and after some fine-tuning to the IIS it is really fast as well. Just, from time to time, I receive the following error when I want to open a WI or CI:

I had a look in the Operations Manager Log File, the Platform Cache and Cachebuilder Log. None of these has any error noted.

When I go back to the home page and then reopen the CI or WI it is working fine.

JFI: We do not have any User Roles filled until now, but my user is inside the Administrator group in SCSM.


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