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SCSM 2016 CustomFormTemplates.dll

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Hi All,

Premise: our company inherited a customer with SCSM 2012.

Up to now the environment has never been updated as there are several customizations at the SCSM level (Custom Form, Custom functions, etc.)

Now we are forced to upgrade at least 2016 version and this is where the problems begin.

Management Pack seals have been implemented (fortunately we have the sources) which provide custom forms for the creation of configuration items.

Litware's CustomFormTemplates.dll was used for the creation of the custom forms but being developed in .net 3.5 it is no longer supported with SCSM 2016.

Reading this article, I found out that directions have been given to create the new dll compiled in .net 4.5 but the Litware blog is no longer published and so I cannot recreate this dll.

Does anyone have a guide for creating this dll or the dll compiled with updated .net?

Thanks in advance for any help,

Best regards,



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