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Can one user with multiple support group memberships see both queues in the portal?

JacobJacob Member IT Monkey ✭

Hi team,

It's important that some of our team can be a member of two different support groups, and see both groups in the cireson portal. This is for queue management; having all of our tickets in one big queue at this point is becoming unwieldy and we need to break them down into BAU and projects.

I have tried adding a user as a member of a second support group (via AD group memberships), however only the original appears in the portal, as 'Team Work'. Both queues work and other users with only one support group membership can see each queue, respectively.

Is that the expected behaviour? And if so, do you know of a way I can accomplish what I'm describing?

Any input here is much appreciated.



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    Simon_ZeinhoferSimon_Zeinhofer Customer Ninja IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭

    Let's say you have 2 Support Groups defined in SCSM:

    - Group A

    - Group B

    Group A is mapped to AD Group scsm-group-a and Group B is mapped to scsm-groub-b. The user who shall see work items from group A and Group B has to be a member of scsm-group-a and scsm-group-b. If you have queues defined with these support groups (i mean workitem queues in SCSM) be sure that the user has access to these queues as well via security group memberships. If you change that, you have to wait for the cachebuilder user/group sync or restart the CB service.

    After you change a AD group mapping inside the portal group mapping settings or add/remove a user from a mapped AD group, you need to either wait for the group/user sync(which is all 24 hours by default) or restart the cachebuilder. Maybe you have to recycle the AppPool as well, but I am not sure sbout that 🙈

    TL;DR: if the user shall see both queues in Team Work be sure that:

    - the user is a member of both AD groups where the support groups are mapped to

    - the user has access to them via one or more security groups

    - after you added the user to the AD group or changed the mapping, you restart the cachebuilder or wait until the next group/user sync. And maybe also recycle the AppPool

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