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Problem adding an Object Picker to the Incident form

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I've extended the Incident class by adding a relationship which targets a custom CI class. Added a single instance picker to a custom Incident form which binds the realtionship to this CI class. When opening the default incident form in Service Manager, I can search for an object from the CI class OK.

However, I'm struggling to get the same result on the Incident form in the Cireson portal. Within the Incident.js file, I'm using a Datatype of 'ObjectPicker' and the PropertyName of 'AffectedbyIncident' which is the name of the relationship in the MP. The field appears on the form but when I try to search for a specific object, nothing is displayed. I'm assuming it must be the PropertyName which is at fault. Should this be the name of the relationship ie the Internal name that is created in Service Manager authoring tool when adding the relationship to the MP?

Any advice would be greatly received! :)



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