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Possible to pre-fill text fields in a new IR or SR via web API or querystrings?

Tom_HendricksTom_Hendricks Customer Super IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭✭
I may be missing something obvious.  It sure feels that way!  Here is an example scenario for some context:

The phone system brings up caller information at the analyst's workstation who is receiving the call, and it wants to pop a new ticket open in their web browser via a URL.  First, the caller info from the phone switch is presented and the analyst may choose to change it (e.g., someone is calling from a co-worker's phone).

At this point, the analyst will also select whether this should be an Incident or Request--they need to talk to the caller before they know, after all--and then pick from a list (populated by the Cireson API--that web call works great once we know the work item type, btw!) of applicable templates.

Opening a new Incident or Request with a template (or blank) is easy.  However, we also want to populate that new Incident or Request with the caller's name (which is actually a relationship...), their alternate contact info, and the Description field.  None of this can be stored within the template because it is unique to each phone call.

The /api/v3/Projection/Commit call seems the closest to what I am looking for, but it saves the work item without consideration for required fields.  I can see why it does that, but it is not helpful in our process.  I would want to populate this information in the new ticket on the screen as though it was re-typed by the analyst, but not in the database until after the other required information is entered.  I would not want to have to duplicate all required fields in this other interface before finally opening a work item in the Cireson portal, either.

If there is an API call or simple URL/query string combo that effectively accomplishes the above example similar to the following pseudo code, that is what my question is about:

url: https://nameofserver/api/v3/Projection/CreateProjectionByTemplate?id={SRTEMPLATEGUID}&createdById{USERGUID}
body: { "formJson": { "Description":"Please install Microsoft Pinball on user XYZ123's machine.  Because reasons.", "AlternateContactInfo":"pager", "RequestedWorkItem":{ "Id": "{ONBEHALFOFUSERGUID}", "baseId":"{GUID}"}}}

Method #2:
url: ;RequestedWorkItem={ONBEHALFOFUSERGUID}


    Have you been able to solve your issue because I am very interested to create incident and service request within a context as an URL from an application : business services, user, error message...
  • Tom_HendricksTom_Hendricks Customer Super IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭✭
    Not so much "solve" as find another way.  In our "front door" application, we had to place the Commit api call within the success clause of the first CreateProjectionByTemplate api call.  As we are calling commit, it is possible to manipulate the properties of the object that was returned by the first call.  When Commit runs, those new properties are saved with it.

    I had done something like this before to copy Change Requests, but I was hoping for something a little simpler and more elegant.  What we did works, but it seems like it was the hard way.  Perhaps not.
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