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Increasing the GridViewRecordCap to more than 500

Steve_BarnardSteve_Barnard Partner IT Monkey ✭


Working with a customer who has a request offering that prompts the user to select users from an AD query to add to an email distribution list. There are approx. 7000 users in AD. The GridViewRecordCap is limited to 500 which makes it difficult to select a user outside of the initial 500 users returned. If you type in the username, it auto-populates but only if the user is within the initial 500 users. Anyone outside of that limit is not returned. Increasing the limit to 7000 creates a delay of approx. 15 seconds for the list to display as the load on the database increases.

What is the best method of  achieving this? I think it may be a case of trying to identify common attributes of the users that would be select such as same dept or team so that we can try to restrict the output list based on a previous prompt.



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  • Jonathan_BolesJonathan_Boles Customer Ninja IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭
    With some of our earlier ROs, we had looked at the user picker but just could't justify it's use as it was clunky and not easy for end users as well as the load times (approaching over 20k users) were less than desirable.

    Perhaps others in the community will have a more elegant solution but within a larger environment it would likely be more efficient and overall easier to have the users provide a list of email addresses or AD usernames within a string prompt that were then picked up by SCOrch, validated and would then have the DL either created directly with SCOrch or by adding the validated info to the description in the Exchange Group MA as part of the template.

  • Steve_BarnardSteve_Barnard Partner IT Monkey ✭
    Thanks Billy and Jonathan. I'll investigate both possibilities.
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