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I am currently creating a custom homepage and part of the homepage is to use the Top Knowledge Articles.

The issue with this, is the articles which show are statically set in the Popularity field when we create/edit each KA. our management would prefer to have this list show the articles which have been visited the most. I have done some quick investigating and noticed that on the Cireson Knowledge article 1273, the Popular Articles section dynamically shows the Articles with the most views. Brilliant!!!

The code I have which returns the Top KA's is below, but I'm not sure how to change this into something which will return the Popular Articles.

function fn_ShowTopKnowledgeArticles() {
//Get the OOB articles HTML that we've already hidden.
var oobArticleElement = $("div[data-bind='visible: topKA']");
if (oobArticleElement.Length == 0) {
console.log("GCServiceCatalog - Unable to find OOB top KA element.");
var glenTopArticleElement = $("#glen-top-articles");
//Get the title of the KA header.
//Next, grab the a tags. Each a tag contains an image nested inside. 
var articleLinks = $("div[data-template='top-ka']").find("a.cursor-pointer");
if (articleLinks.length == 0) {
console.log("GCServiceCatalog - Unable to find KA hrefs and image elements.");
//Remove the div, which is the caption (description). We don't care about that. But we do care about the title.
var articleLinksClone = articleLinks.clone();
//Add the LAST 5. 
var strHtmlToAppend = "<ul>"
for(var i=articleLinksClone.length-1; i > -1 && i > articleLinksClone.length-6; i--) { //length -6 so that we only add a maximum of 5.
strHtmlToAppend += "<li>";
strHtmlToAppend += articleLinksClone[i].outerHTML;
//We also need the title. Get it from the original.
var parentTitleHtml = $(articleLinks[i]).parent().next().find("a")[0].outerHTML;
if (parentTitleHtml == null || parentTitleHtml.length == 0) {
parentTitleHtml = "Nameless Article";
strHtmlToAppend += parentTitleHtml;
strHtmlToAppend += "</li>";
strHtmlToAppend += "</ul>"

Can anyone re-word this code to show the Popular Articles? I haven't been able to find a data-template named "pop-KA" or anything similar which may give me what I'm looking for.

Thanks for the help

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