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Portal - SLO Time Difference VS Console

Zac_RobinsonZac_Robinson Customer IT Monkey ✭

Hi Guys,

I'm noticing some strange inconsistency on the Portal Vs SCSM Console, and I can't quite figure out what's going on.

If I look at a job history and check the time that it was raised on the portal. this matches what I have in the SCSM console, but if I view the SLO applied to a job in the console and then match it to what the portal is showing me, I see a very BIG difference!

As you can see, the SLO should be at 134 hours, but the portal clock icon shows 502 hours! I could understand if this was an hour ahead or behind as it might just have something to do with daylight saving time, but I can't understand why the difference here is so huge. Has anyone else experienced a significant difference in time?

The time zone setting on my Service Level Calendar is at UTC Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London - and we only have this time zone on our estate. Although saying that, its a setting within Service Manager so it would be the same in the console if this was the cause, so I'm fairly certain its Cireson.

Is there a menu or a localisation option or time zone setting that I might have missed that someone may have seen before?


I have a test system which I have wiped the CustomSpace directory on and I'm still seeing the same sort of difference in time remaining on calls in the portal vs the console.


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